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Events & Training

A lot of organizations purport to provide veterans' law training and continuing legal education (CLE) credits. Most of these are from profit-making enterprises and few have high caliber speakers with the hands-on, day-to-day experience of those who lead NOVA sessions. Whether you are a regular or a new practitioner attending for the first time, the quality and excellence of NOVA conferences always shine through and are evident within each presentation.

Many advocates practicing VA law get discouraged on occasion and feel as though we are fighting a larger than life foe, like Sisyphus pushing the boulder up the hill only to have it roll back down. This is a fair summary of what we encounter in our efforts to secure benefits for our clients. NOVA training presents an opportunity to mingle with others who experience these same situations and recognize we are not alone in our frustrations. How wonderful it is to hear success stories from fellow advocates and recharge our batteries for the next round of advocacy when we get back home.

At NOVA events and training, attendees meet new colleagues with whom to exchange anecdotes and from whom to learn strategy to leverage the latest VA rule change. The NOVA Members Only Groups (formerly, the Forum and Bulletin Board) gives us daily support and answers to these challenges, which is an extremely valuable benefit of membership. However, our semi-annual conferences offer tremendous value in seeing people face-to-face, swapping war stories, and getting to really know others who share the same problems, frustrations, and victories, big or small. That's the NOVA experience!


NOVA Seminars

NOVA hosts two seminars a year, one in the fall and one in the spring. These seminars are taught by the most experienced practitioners in the field of veterans’ law and feature the latest information and guidance as VA continues to make the transition from a paper-driven system to digital records. CLE credit for these events is available for most states.

Upcoming NOVA Seminars:

Fall Conference 2024

Salt Lake City, UT - September 12-14, 2024
Hotel: Hyatt Regency Salt Lake City


Spring Conference 2025

Minneapolis, MN - April 3-5, 2025
Hotel: Hilton Minneapolis


Fall Conference 2025

Washington, DC - September 11-13, 2025
Hotel: Capital Hilton

New Dates Added:

Spring Conference 2026

San Diego, CA - April 16-18, 2026
Hotel: Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego